Buying Scenario: Holiday – Buying a Landed House in Singapore

Transactions involving the buying of a house with land is more complicated than the purchase of a condo, executive-type apartment, or HDB flat. Landed housing may have several owners or are owned by whole families, and there are restrictions regarding the sale and purchase, especially regarding foreign ownership.With the exception of Sentosa Cove, foreign individuals are not permitted to buy land in Singapore without permission from the government.Foreign individuals from countries that have Read more [...]

Survival – Always Be Prepared For the Worst Case Scenario

The summer is here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I know many of you will be out enjoying what God created for us. Be prepared when out in the wilderness, and always carry the essentials in survival equipment. The basics include fire starting tools, first aid kit, fishing line and hooks, heavy string or rope, thermal blankets and some other basic items. It is very little to have to carry, to greatly increase your chances for survival in the wilderness.For example, some friends of mine took Read more [...]

Your Hard Drive Is Dying, Here Are Several Reasons Why!

How depressed do you think you would be if all of your pictures, music, movies, documents and more just disappeared into thin-air one day, NEVER to be recovered?If you've never asked yourself what you would do in such a scenario, chances are you are unprepared to experience your hard drive dying! The first thing you should know if you don't already, is exactly what a hard drive is. It's a hardware unit that is built with disks called "platters."Platters are stacked on top of each other, and Read more [...]

Commercial Hard Money Loan Scenarios

A commercial hard money loan is a non-conventional commercial real estate loan that is not made by a traditional bank. This type of commercial financing has been in use for over 50 years. Such loans usually have a first lien on commercial property. If a loan has a secondary lien, it is known as mezzanine financing.Three Business Mortgage Loan ChoicesThere are three financing options for most commercial real estate scenarios: traditional banks, intermediate lenders and hard money lenders. The Read more [...]